Roughly a month or so ago I ran an update on my system and upgraded PostgreSQL. One thing I absolutely hate about PostgreSQL is that sometimes upgrades are not fully automatic. I like to run pacman -Syu and just forget about it and expect everything to still run smoothly. In that sense, Windows Update is just perfect.

But no, this is the Linux world, and this is PostgreSQL. So I must have been not completely awake when I tried doing the database migration step, because I accidentally wrote the latest database with a one from about 3-4 years ago, which was before I established this blog. In another words, I lost all my posts.

But it rose from the ashes. A lot of things happened that kept me busy, but I finally found some time to revive this blog. And by revive I mean simply running the createdb command to recreate the (empty) database that the blog was expecting to see when it starts.