I plug my phone in, and Dropbox's Camera Upload annoyance pops up. And it is an annoyance because since I use a Windows Phone, all my photos are already automatically uploaded to OneDrive and synced with my Windows 10 computer. But try as I may to reason with Dropbox, their malware-like AutoPlay behavior persists.

Going into the Dropbox settings to disable Camera Upload only redirects you to Windows' AutoPlay settings, where you may disable Camera Upload, but the filthy piece of shit will creep back on you the next unknown device you plug in.

So far the solution (although likely temporary) I came up with is to edit registry settings. AutoPlay handlers are located at HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\AutoplayHandlers. First, you will want to delete the Dropbox entry under Handlers, then you will need to traverse the entries in EventHandlers for anything with the name Dropbox and perform genocide...until the cockroach comes back next time the Dropbox client updates, most likely. The fucker.

As is usual with any changes to the registry, you're on your own if something goes wrong. And for the conclusion: fuck you Dropbox. Now for my cup of [insert mood regulating drink here].