I recently got a Raspberry Pi Zero W, and Ubuntu Server wasn’t available for it since it used ARMv6, so I went back to ArchLinux ARM for this project. The goal was to move my motion sensing camera setup to the Zero W and use the Raspberry Pi 3 for something else.

First, to connect to Active Directory I followed a different path than last time (since I was running into more issues with SSSD than I expected). The Arch wiki was a great place to get started with. In my case, I had to tweak the /etc/krb5.conf file a bit:

dns_lookup_realm =      false
dns_lookup_kdc  =       true
rdns            =       false
ignore_acceptor_hostname = true

For /etc/samba/smb.conf I also had some issues with the suggested idmap config * : backend = rid and had to substitute in the short name for the realm. For good measure, I also added my FQDNs to the /etc/hosts file but that should have not been necessary (I think).

The rest went mostly smoothly, and then came the time to mount some shares using Kerberos. Using autofs, specify the following share:

recording -fstype=cifs,rw,noperm,sec=krb5,vers=2.0 ://SERVER/SHARE

This is where it got ugly. On my file server, the shares are configured to use encryption, but for some dumb reason CIFS doesn’t support that yet and you’ll get the following error message: CIFS VFS: Encrypted shares not supported